Tom Holland on How ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Leads Into ‘No Way Home’

spider man no way home

It’s hard to believe we’re so close to finally watching Spider-Man: No Way Home. Even with all the rumors making the rounds, who knows at this point what is true and what isn’t. The trailers did tease that we can expect the storyline to pick up directly where Far From Home left us off, but it looks like we never realized just how close these two entries will be connected.

In an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Tom Holland was promoting the upcoming film and even offered a little glimpse into how exactly the film will lead into the next. Well, it turns out that we’ll pick up directly where the previous one left us off, as Peter Parker was about to end it with a WTF.

What’s cool about this film is it picks up right after the second one finishes. So the second one finishes with a freeze-frame of Spider-Man, the third one starts with the same freeze-frame

Tom Holland

It’s clever that they would continue exactly where that scene left us off. To many moviegoers, it probably was one of the biggest twists in the film and there’s a great concept to build upon. We’ll likely open the film with Spidey on the run alongside Zendaya until he gets captured or finds a hiding spot from the police. So, I wouldn’t expect the fanfare from Marvel Studios until that very moment.

Source: Graham Norton Show via The Direct

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