New ‘Batgirl’ Set Photo Offers First Look at Brendan Fraser’s Firefly Costume

batgirl set photo

We’ve got our first look at Brendan Fraser on the set of Batgirl some time ago, but he was seemingly wearing civilian clothing while setting a building on fire. He certainly was staying true to the arsonist nature of his character during that shoot, but we’re all excited to see what his costume may look like. Luckily, a new set photo has found its way online which may have given us our first look at his Firefly costume for the HBO Max original film. It doesn’t reveal too much, especially as he is missing the iconic helmet, but it does seem like it’s taking inspiration from the comics with the giant fuel tank on his back and arm-mounted flamethrowers.

The biggest missing aspect is the wings, but they may be something they add in through post-production. He may have also lost them during a fight with Batgirl, which left him with just a few more elements of his costume. Of course, there is probably a simpler solution in the form of that they are currently taking a break in this set photo and that is why he isn’t wearing everything. Though, a new video does hint that him standing on the firetruck is on purpose and we can see Batgirl chasing him down.

Still, it’s great to finally get confirmation that he will wear the armor of some kind during his tenure as Firefly in the series. So far, he’s still the only confirmed villain to appear in the Batgirl film, but with a large rogue’s gallery-like Batman’s, you never know who else might show up. Given the story’s inspiration, it would be fun to see a live-action adaptation of Killer Moth, especially if they just have fun with the concept. When else would we get the chance to see him on screen?

Source: Twitter

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