First Look at ‘Multiverse of Madness’ Defender Strange Funko

defender strange funko

Earlier today, it seemed like the Funkos for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have accidentally leaked early. It included most of the faces we’ve already seen in the first two trailers, but also included some new surprises like a Variant of Doctor Strange that was quite a bit different from the ones we saw in the trailers. Now, it seems that we finally got a first look at the Funko for the Defender Variant of Strange, as it was shared by @DrStrangeUpdate, which you can check out here:

This design is still amazing in how accurate it adapts the iconic version of Doctor Strange from the comics. Even the name is in reference to his time as part of the Defenders, which many might connect to the Netflix version. His roe in the story still remains quite unclear but it does seem to imply something dark happening to the character given the strange Zombie version at the end looking quite similar to that Defender wears throughout the trailers.

He also is noticeably absent during the meeting with the Illuminati that is teased in the trailer. Plus, we got a third – maybe even a fourth given the recent Funko reveals – Variant that has an unknown role. Here’s hoping we get to see all three in the same room. Benedict Cumberbatch probably had a lot of fun acting off of himself and give different perspectives on the same character.

Source: Twitter

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