EXCLUSIVE: Brady Noon Recalls His Favorite Day Working on ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ and How COVID Impacted Production

Actor Brady Noon discusses how COVID impacted production on Diary of a Wimpy Kid while also recalling his favorite day.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid was Brady Noon’s first voice acting role and he did a great job. Throughout the movie his character had to deal with all of the emotions from happy to sad to angry to embarrassed I spoke to him earlier this week and asked him what his favorite scene was to record.

Probably when we (Greg and Rowley) were walking through the woods and we have our candy and all, like the high school kids, like pulled up on us and tried to take our candy and we were just running and yelling and screaming. So pretty much, that whole day, I was just yelling the whole day-laughs-that was pretty funny. That was a funny day.

I followed up by asking him if he was able to meet any of the other voice actors, to which Noon replied:

Unfortunately not, due to COVID-19 and we did our own individual session for recording, so I haven’t spoken to anyone else but I’m super proud of everyone’s work and I’m super happy how it turned out.

Despite having to work alone, Noon said he had enjoyed the process and is looking forward to doing it again. With author Jeff Kinney hoping to adapt all of the books into Disney+ films, Noon should be able to continue filming memorable scenes for years to come.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is now streaming on Disney+!

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