‘Yellowstone’ to End, Sequel Series Planned with Matthew McConaughey

yellowstone end

Here’s a big surprise, but it seems Yellowstone is coming to an end. The series is currently the top-rated drama and seemingly one of those shows that could continue for quite some time but co-creator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan has decided to end the current version of the show. Yet, it’s not the end of the Dutton saga as Matthew McConaughey is set to spearhead a sequel series.

It seems that the reasoning behind this movie actually is due to its main star Kevin Costner. He has limited the number of days he shoots for the production to 65 days but seemingly pushed for even less in its current season. Yet even after winning best television actor in a drama series at the Golden Globes, he continued to want to spend less time in Yellowstone with only a week of shooting.

The reason seems to be his involvement with the western epic Horizon, which he not only stars in but also is directing and co-wrote. Though, Costner plays the Dutton patriarch and is a major player in the series. Paramount has not offered any confirmation but praised McConaughey. It seems that nothing is quite set in stone as he is currently in negotiations. Sheridan‘s 1883 was also quite the success, so other Yellowstone spinoffs have all eyes on them as one of Paramount’s biggest TV franchises ever; even if it moves on from its main star.

Source: Deadline

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