‘Doctor Strange 2’ Faces Harsh 82% Drop in Second Domestic Friday

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The numbers are in and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness faces a harsh 82% drop from its first Friday into its second. As such it managed to pull in $17M. Of course, the frontloaded film isn’t hurting too bad but the slower word of mouth seems to be a factor here. It’s facing a slightly higher drop than Black Widow did and not too far from Spider-Man: No Way Home. As the Spider-Man films are released through Sony, this makes Marvel Studios biggest drop.

The horror elements may be playing a key factor here, as it might jell as well with the general audience. Currently, it’s on its way to a $60M+ weekend at this rate. So, it’ll end the weekend just shy of $300M. It was not a terrible second week given how high it started but a sign that its core audience arrived early. It’s hard to tell but it may be a sign that while momentum in its initial weekend was better, the B+ did hurt it long-term as it’s something people may also be hesitant to return to repeatedly if the horror elements just don’t jell 100% with them.

While Forbes points out the trend may be due to the MCU moving more towards fans rather than the general audience, it may be reflective of the unique direction of this film. It also pulled in a strong Monday and Tuesday which highlights viewers were a bit more scattered this time around. If it manages to pull in more on Saturday, it’ll head towards a stronger $65M. We’ll see how the weekend ends to get a better feeling about it.

Source: Deadline, Forbes

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