5 Open Questions Ahead of the Moon Knight Finale

moon knight finale

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight is heading into its finale after a powerful and emotional fifth episode last week. We saw Marc Spector and Steven Grant attempt to tip the scales, but not without some heartbreaking revelations. Now we have plenty to wrap up in one episode, but what are the most important plot threads? Let’s take a deeper look at what we might expect going into the final episode of this Disney+ series.

Will we see Jake Lockley?

There have been hints and nods to a third personality throughout every part of the series. In “Asylum,” there’s a 20-second stretch where it seems that during his conversation with Dr. Harrow, Marc seemingly seems off. His accent changes and he seems way more unhinged than usual. As fellow Murphy’s Multiverse scribe Mary Maerz detailed last week, we have enough pieces for the puzzle. It’s time to see Jake and how he fits into the larger narrative of the story.

Will there be a concrete MCU reference in the show?

One of the most common refrains in praise of Moon Knight is that there are no outward MCU references. It’s in its own part of the world telling a self-contained story. With all that being said, you have to wonder if Marvel decides to drop in something that pushes the story forward. With the Werewolf by Night-focused Halloween special coming later this year and Moon Knight’s comic book connection, it does open up a possible connection. Odds would say no but you can’t help but wonder if they find a way to fit it into the overall story.

When Khonshu gets freed and this is all over, what are his plans?

Earlier in the series, it felt that Marc was always trying to protect Layla from Khonshu’s plans to use her as an avatar. That didn’t feel like it was dropped in the show for giggles. It’s clear that Khonshu will be freed again and Marc will have to deal with that once the fight with Ammit and Harrow concludes. This show has always felt like control was one of its main themes since the outset. The expectation is we’ll come full circle in some type of way. Though, who knows if there’s more to Khonshu than we might expect at first.

How will Arthur Harrow’s story end?

Arthur Harrow has been one step ahead of everyone since the very beginning of the series. His plan looks like it’s reaching its apex of success. We have a decent idea that Moon Knight will overcome the adversity he’s facing and defeat Harrow and the one he serves, Ammit. It’s all about how we get there, and how Arthur closes out his run. Most MCU villains usually don’t survive, so the hope is there’ll be a creative and satisfying close to Harrow’s character. 

Will we see Steven Grant again?

Seemingly lost to the Duat at the conclusion of “Asylum”, Steven Grant sacrificed his life to save Marc. It puts the remaining Alter in an unenviable position of having to fight without his companion. Steven has been very popular and it was a tough ending for the character. It does beg the thought of whether he’s actually gone through. Marc could use that intelligence and quick wit in the final fight. Here’s to hoping we get one more visit with Mr. Grant and maybe even his Mr. Knight.

The Moon Knight finale is sure to leave us with more questions than answers. The hope is those questions tantalize and fascinate us, and the answers feel gratifying as a viewer.

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