Episode 5 Has the Final Clues That Jake Lockley Could Appear in ‘Moon Knight’ Finale

The fifth episode of Moon Knight provides even more clues that the Jake Lockley alter may make an appearance in the finale.

With only the finale remaining, Moon Knight feels like a completely different series now than it did when it first premiered. There are numerous outstanding questions going into the final episode, but among them is still whether Jake Lockley — Marc Spector’s third identity from the comics — will make an appearance. Episode 5 seemed to focus exclusively on Marc and Steven, and there were fewer obvious nods to another identity being present. But the episode still leaves the door wide open for Jake to appear.

Because Episode 5 is the last chance to speculate whether Jake will or will not actually show up in Moon Knight, here is a bit of a recap of the evidence we have so far. In Episode 1, there were several suspicious reflections where it looked like more than Marc was present, the inclusion of Crawley (a traditionally Jake-centered character), and some interesting imagery in the end credits that seemed to have a theme of three Oscar Isaacs. In Episode 2, reflections, comments from Layla and Harrow, and a violent Marc outburst were all notable. Episode 3 did all but confirm that a third personality took over when both Marc and Steven blacked out during a fight. And Episode 4 practically showed us Marc and Steven passing by Jake’s own sarcophagus. Now, let’s talk about Episode 5.

The Scales

One of the most significant components plot-wise of Episode 5 were the scales of justice that weighed Marc and Steven’s hearts against the feather of truth. To enter paradise, the scales had to balance. The episode used the fact that the hearts were not balancing as an excuse for Marc to lay out his past—including Steven’s origin as a personality. But most interesting was the fact that Taweret said that the hearts were “not full” and “incomplete.” Now, there is plenty of suggestion that they were incomplete because Marc had not revealed the truth to Steven, but it would also make a whole lot of sense if they were incomplete if there was a third heart/identity out there not on the scale.

However, all of that gets confused when the scales balance after Steven seemingly dies in the sand of the Egyptian underworld, Duat, and Marc is allowed into the Field of Reeds. It is not entirely clear if Steven’s apparent “death” is what actually caused the scales to balance. Essays could probably be written on different theories for this, but the incompleteness of Marc/Steven up until then seemed like a huge clue that the acknowledgment of a third identity could make them whole. While less certain by the end of the episode, I would not count it out.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’

Marc Spector’s Fugue State

As Marc and Steven travel through the psych ward that is Marc’s mind, Marc at one point casually drops the information that he was discharged from the army after going AWOL in a fugue state. Fugue states are often associated with a dissociative identity disorder. He does not imply that the fugue state is a time when Steven took control, and it also implies that he does not know who or what was in control at that time. That tracks with the fact that Marc did not seem to know who took control when he and Steven blacked out during a fight in Episode 3, and Marc has obviously never mentioned another alter. So, if something else took control of Marc’s body during that time, another personality could likely be the culprit.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’

We will find out for sure if Jake Lockley will appear in the series when the Moon Knight finale airs on May 4, 2022. The first five episodes of the series are now streaming on Disney+.

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