Book Review: ‘The Fireborne Blade’ by Charlotte Bond

‘The Fireborne Blade’ is the perfect little bite of fantasy for those looking for an introduction to the genre.

The Fireborne Blade by Charlotte Bond

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When it came to The Fireborne Blade, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve never read anything by Charlotte Bond previously, and it’s very hit-or-miss with me when it comes to dragon books. However, The Fireborne Blade manages to pack a hell of a punch in such a small package, it’s safe to say Bond is now on my list of writers to follow going forward.

The Fireborne Blade follows a Knight named Maddileh. Eager to right herself as a Knight, following a regretful personal relationship, Maddileh goes out in search of the Fireborne Blade. The legendary weapon is a tale among her people, and she believes if she manages to successfully find it, she’ll be hailed a hero, and her name will be restored once again. Simple enough, except securing the blade will set Maddileh on a journey full of danger and secrecy, one that seems all but certain to end in death.

The book itself is merely one-hundred and sixty-four pages. As far as fantasies go, that’s on the shorter end. And yet, what Bond manages to achieve within such a short page count is incredibly impressive. Not only does Bond craft an intriguing story with characters such as Maddileh, Petros and Saralene; Bond also manages to create fascinating backstories that help to push their journey along. Not exactly an easy task to do with a novella, and yet, The Fireborne Blade proves it is possible.

Yes, the book is about dragons. Yes, there’s plenty of dragon lore. And yet, The Fireborne Blade is far from just another dragon book. The amount of character development that Maddileh goes through over the course of the book is top-notch. The character initially comes off as very standoffish; unwilling to confide in anyone. Then, by the end of the book, we see Maddileh showcase a softer side, one that perhaps isn’t as cold-hearted as she tries to let on.

All in all, The Fireborne Blade is the perfect little bite of fantasy for those looking for an introduction to the genre. It’s short. It’s action-packed. But more importantly, along with impressive fantasy work, The Fireborne Blade is a wonderful character-driven story. Give it a read when it releases in May.

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