‘Doctor Strange 2’ Ends Weekend as 11th Biggest Domestic Opening of All-Time

doctor strange 2 weekend

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness remained shy of the $190M opening weekend, it did make quite a few waves by finishing at $187M. That is a small adjustment of $2M over the Sunday, but an increase is actually a good sign for the film’s legs with a B+ Audience CinemaScore rating. Worldwide, the film made a splash with $449.4M at the bo office, making almost half a billion in just its opening weekend. It’s an exciting prospect for theater owners that have been worried about just how long the pandemic would affect their business.

The film is not only Sam Raimi‘s biggest opening ever, but it’s now also the 11th biggest domestic opening in history and the seventh right behind Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was at $181.3M. As such, it’s the best performing second entry in a solo outing with Spider-Man: No Way Home holding the title for third entry with $260.1M. It’s now the second-best domestic release of the year and on its path to overtaking The Batman, which also garnered a fantastic $369.1M to date.

On Friday, it took in $90M which puts it as the seventh-biggest opening of all time, and entered the Top 10 best opening days for any MCU flick. While it’s likely going to be quite frontloaded, if it manages o keep a similar momentum that is seen with horror entries, we might be looking at a stronghold over the next weeks, but likely will echo a similar drop as Age of Ultron did.

Internationally, the film has pulled in $262.4M, which saw a slight adjustment down from its early Sunday estimates, which kept it at the overall worldwide release estimates. It’s now the sixth-highest opening worldwide going by like-by-like territories, which is no small accomplishment without a Chinese release. South Korea has been slowly becoming one of Marvel’s strongest opening locations with a massive $30M over the weekend.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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