First Look at ‘Hawkeye’s Funko Pops for Kate Bishop and Lucky the Pizza Dog

kate bishop funko

The latest episodes have finally arrived for Marvel Studios’ last venture on Disney+ for 2021. Hawkeye takes a look at New York City’s underbelly, as Clint Barton is pulled into an unlikely adventure through his new protégé, Kate Bishop. As per tradition, it also meant we’re going to get a new slate of Funko Pops and it didn’t take them long to finally give us our first look at Kate Bishop’s Funko. The best part, she’s not alone as she is also joined by Lucky the Pizza Dog. You can check out the version found by @FunkoPOPsNews on Amazon EU.

Lucky is quite adorable and they even included the detail of his left eye is closed. Kate Bishop is in her Hawkeye gear that was teased throughout the posters and trailers. We’ll see if we get some additional designs, as she even wears the Ronin outfit in the series. So, they might offer a special Funko. It’ll be interesting to see what other Funkos they might release, especially with the rumored characters set to appear throughout the series six-episode run. Echo seems like a very likely bet for the next release after she takes centerstage in the upcoming third episode.

Source: Twitter

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