Leaked ‘The Marvels’ Set Photos Reveal New Ms. Marvel Costume and Kree’s Return

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Just the other day, it seemed like Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel sequel has finally wrapped production. We know very little about the project. During Disney’s Investors Day we found out that we’ll see the return of WandaVision‘s Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and future Ms. Marvel actress Iman Velani. With a title rework, The Marvels, we’ll see the trio tackle an unlikely threat that might tie into the Secret Invasion Disney+ series. Right after it ended production, set photos have found their way online with some interesting teases.

What sticks out first is Velani’s new costume. While it retains the classic elements that were already revealed in the Disney+ series promo, there are quite a few additional elements added. The red color is more pronounced in this version and she even has additional elements on her shoulders. The iconic “S” on her chest also looks different, as it’s closer to the version of the logo than the one she wears in the promo. What is the biggest change is that she replaced her sneakers with actual boots. She’s also joined by someone on a break playing a Kree soldier given his blue skin.

The Kree were expected to make a return, but it’s great to have a confirmation. If Secret Invasion explores the Skrulls storyline set up in Captain Marvel, we may also learn that Kree has planned an invasion of their own. We still don’t know how they might’ve changed Ms. Marvel’s abilities and how she ends up joining Carol on her adventure. The set might be a tease that the story will be an intergalactic adventure, which means we’ll get some fun reactions out of Kamala Khan.

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