New Leaked ‘Ms. Marvel’ Promo Art Confirms No Embiggening for Disney+ Series

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There’ve been countless rumors of Ms. Marvel’s new abilities in the upcoming Disney+ series. It seemed like Marvel Studios was trying to reinvent her character and add a new element to what she is capable of. Then suddenly our first artwork hit the web teasing a very different ability set. Yet, we still believed she might utilize her Embiggening from the comics alongside this new ability. Well, a new promo art has leaked online showcasing that the large fist we know from the comics will get replaced by these purple-esque constructs. Check them out here as provided by Twitter user @Ben_vlbd.

It’s strange to think they’d stick to many of their characters’ origins but change that of Ms. Marvel so drastically. Either they are trying to bring her character closer to her namesake inspiration, or they are setting up a bigger transformation down the line. Her Inhuman lineage plays a key factor in her character, especially as she overcomes the challenges of being a Muslim-American teenager. Here’s hoping a trailer might give us more insight into this change.

There’s also the strange Easter egg teasing the arrival of Maximus from the Inhuman royal family in the first sizzle reel from last year’s Disney’s Investors Day. Who knows if they are reshooting some aspects of the series, as it’s currently the first Disney+ series to face a delay. We received actual footage of the series long before Hawkeye, but it somehow got pushed back into 2022. Here’s hoping we find out more at Novembers’ Disney+ Day which will tease the MCU’s future.

Source: Twitter

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