RUMOR: ‘Ms. Marvel’ May Release in June-July 2022 on Disney+

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There’s been quite a mystery surrounding when we’ll see the Ms. Marvel series. It was originally announced for a 2021 release back in Disney’s Investors Day, but as the year went on it seemed more and more unlikely. Once Hawkeye got a November release date, it seemed clear that young superheroine wouldn’t premiere in the MCU until next year. The first rumors hinted at a potential release in February, but we’re still waiting for any official word. Going by a posting by one of the Disney+ series’ actors, it may release much later than we might’ve expected.

Actor Mohan Kapur, who plays Kamala Khan’s father Yusuf, took to Twitter and in response to a question when Ms. Marvel would release pointed out around June or July. It’s quite a bit later than we initially expected if true, especially if it was eyeing a release this year. We also have to take it with a grain of salt, as it’s uncertain how much information is shared with the actors on when the Disney+ show will release.

There’s a good chance that if this turns out to be true, they’d try to tie the show into the upcoming The Marvels film. Perhaps the delay was planned around that film’s release, as it’ll premiere on November 11th, 2022. So, they’d shorten the release window between projects that have a connecting storyline. Yet, one could argue that it wouldn’t make sense, especially if you consider that Monica Rambeau will also have a role. We have no idea when she’ll return outside of the film and her story was set up in January’s WandaVision. Perhaps Disney+ Day might offer a clearer picture of when we can expect Ms. Marvel.

Source: Twitter, IMDb

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