‘Isle of the Dead’ Spinoff is One of Many Pitched Maggie and Negan Spinoffs

the walking dead isel of dead

The Walking Dead continues to grow its potential with various new spinoff series in some form of production. There’s an anthology series on its way titled The Tales of the Walking Dead, and we also got the confirmation of one titled Isle of the Dead. This series caught everyone by surprise as it’ll focus on Lauren Cohan‘s Maggie joining forces with Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s Negan.

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Cohan reveals that they went through quite a few ideas before they landed on the current version. It seems that they definitely wanted to further explore the dynamic between Maggie and Negan, which has certainly changed since Morgan joined the show in quite a memorable introduction.

I know there have always been three, maybe four options for how Maggie would end up in a spinoff. For Maggie or Negan there’s been a bunch of ideas floating around. I think this story that Eli Jorne came up with, which is what we’ll be shooting for season one of Isle of the Dead, was just really powerful and such an interesting way for fans to get to see these characters continue.

Lauren Cohan

The spinoff will explore the two characters exploring what is left of Manhattan, as it became cut off from the mainland and is now filled with a horde of Walkers. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly leads them to explore Manhattan and how they end up surviving a horde of Walkers that are just waiting for some fresh meat.

Source: ComicBook.com

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