‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’s Michelle Yeoh Heading to ‘Avatar’s Pandora Next

avatar michelle yeoh

Michelle Yeoh has been busy. Not only did she make quite the splash with the new indie hit Everything Everywhere All at Once, but she’ll also soon arrive in Pandora, as she has joined James Cameron‘s Avatar franchise. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Crazy Rich Asian actress not only confirmed she’ll appear in the upcoming sequel but it seems she might have a recurring role. As many knows, while we haven’t seen an entry in the franchise since 2009, 20th Century Fox mapped out multiple seasons long before the Disney purchase.

Still, Disney has been quite excited about the potential of the highest-grossing film of all time, which only temporarily was taken over by Avengers: Endgame. They further supported Cameron’s vision, who has since continued work on multiple films. Yeoh shared her enthusiasm for having the chance to work with him:

So, yes, I am in the Avatar sequels and as you know we can’t really talk very much about it. But it’s James Cameron! Come on! I would be the tea lady for James Cameron! We shot for a few weeks, and I was so impressed with the work that he’s done, the work that he’s doing, the energy. He’s a genius, he’s a walking genius. And I really really enjoyed the experience and I can’t wait to go back soon, I hope.

Michelle Yeoh

It certainly sounds like she’s all on board for the project and it’s always great when a talent believes in the vision of the director. It seems like she’ll have a small role, as she only shot for a few weeks, but they may build up her role moving forward. There’s a lot of potential with the sequels, as we further explore Pandora and the many parts that make the mysterious planet so fascinating as it did back in 2009.

Source: EW

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