REVIEW: ‘How I Met Your Father’ Episode 9 – “Jay Street”

how i met your father episode 9 review

The two-part finale of How I Met Your Father begins with giant setups, new drama, and a surprising cameo. Following a season of twists and turns, the love triangle that formed over the last few episodes gets even messier with Jesse’s ex, Meredith, throwing a curveball into things. Let’s unpack that, shall we?

Going into the episode, my expectations for Sophie were to see her choose between two–or possibly three–men to get into a relationship with. Although I was anticipating one to begin, I will state that this does not mean I believe this relationship will lead to Sophie’s son being born. The episode’s entire runtime is setting up the events of the finale, complete with a “to be continued” at the end. What was already a messy situation with Sophie dating Drew but then ending up kissing Jesse, has gotten worse, as Jesse’s ex put a wrench into things when she released her new single, admitting to missing Jesse. From the start, things look great for Sophie and Jesse but all that changes is when he hears that Meredith regrets leaving him.

Obviously, I’m not going to spoil what happens from that point on. You will need to watch yourself to get the full picture, but let’s just say that the entire situation has changed since we checked in with Jesse and Sophie last week. I already thought we’d be in for a great finale, but things are looking even better than expected. Stakes are high, and things are uncertain for our leading lady. Outlook on her relationships is suddenly out of her control, yet, a progression in her career may help lessen the blow. Although we don’t have a clear picture of what the next episode will look like, I have a feeling things are going to center on that career change, but once again, you will have to watch yourself to see what that is.

A surprise cameo made this week’s episode for me. Although I was emotionally invested and on the edge of my seat with Sophie’s love story, a callback to How I Met Your Mother will always stand out for me. Not only did we get one cameo, but two due to the circumstances surrounding the two characters showing up, and no, it isn’t who you think it might be. The two characters were supporting cast in the original show, but two stand-outs that I’m sure most fans loved as much as I do. I call out the cameo now because, as I said before, the finale might connect with her new career step. I’m not entirely sure how all of this will tie together, as there are still a lot of loose ends that seem to be coming to a close.

Although plenty of loose ends are looking like they will be tied, even more, seem to be unweaving as we lead up to the show’s confirmed second season. Of course, with a television show, not everything can be tied until the final episode. Sophie still has multiple possible suitors in addition to Drew and Jesse. New twists have developed for Sid and Hannah, Ellen is interviewing for a job, and Charlie is feeling homesick. All of these things get the spotlight in this episode, and that is definitely not the sign of a slowing plotline. While I believe we will definitely see an outcome for the relationship troubles, there is still plenty to leave open for next season, and that is what will keep me coming back.

While the humor wasn’t there in this episode, at least not like with other traditional sitcoms, this was much needed for the story they are trying to tell. This is the same approach How I Met Your Mother took with many of its important episodes, which works really well to keep the emotional moments flowing without interrupting with weirdly placed humor. The show definitely still feels like a sitcom, but the humor was able to take a backseat to the plot, and I definitely enjoyed that. The show has once again left me wanting more and more. Viewers will be left at the edge of their seats in anticipation of the final episode next week, but until then, all I can do is recommend you watch and stay tuned for what’s yet to come.

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