Ryan Murphy Teases a July Premiere for the ‘American Horror Story’ Spin-Off

american horror story spin off release date

For months now we’ve seen set pictures from the production of the upcoming American Horror Story spinoff. Some confirmed a return to similar locations and others teased a new setting with new characters. The basis of the show is similar to its original. However, this anthology series will kick it into high gear, as each episode is its own self-contained story set within the show’s universe. It’ll tell the stories of new and familiar faces. The main series is still filming the second half of its season, the spin-off seems to be wrapping up quite nicely, as the show is set to premier much sooner than we thought.

In a new Instagram post by series creator, Ryan Murphy, alongside the confirmation of multiple stars from the upcoming season which we’ve previously reported on, he confirmed a release window for the series. The series will indeed premiere in July. Of course, he didn’t give a specific date, but, surprisingly, the series will be releasing just next month. What remains unknown about the series is who’ll fill out the rest of the cast, as only a handful as only a few have been officially confirmed.

With the spin-off currently set to premiere in July, what’s known is that we’ll be returning to the Murder House for the series premiere with confirmed cast members of Charles Melton, Danny Trejo, Kevin Mchale, Dyllon Burnside, Nico Greetham, Kaia Gerber, Sierra Mccormick, Ashley Carter, and Paris Jackson.

Source: Instagram

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