Tom Holland Ready to “Take a Break”, Feels Like “We Might Be Ready to Say Goodbye to Spider-Man”

After six years in spandex, will Tom Holland walk away from Spider-Man? The star discusses the possibility.

Tom Holland has spent a lot of time in spandex over the past 6 years. Since filming for Captain America: Civil War began in 2015, Holland has appeared in 2 Avengers films and 3 solo Spider-Man films, including Spider-Man: No Way Home, out in theaters now. If anyone would have superhero fatigue, it’ Holland, given that he’s been filming something for the character every year for 6 years while also working on other films.

With No Way Home wrapping up a trilogy worth of stories for the character, Holland is looking forward to some time away from Spidey. But how much time? In a conversation with People, Holland shed some light on the subject. “I’ve spent the last six years being so focused on my career,” Holland says. “I want to take a break and focus on starting a family and figuring out what I want to do outside of this world.

As Holland looked forward to the time off, he reflected on his time as Spidey and had some interesting thoughts about his future in the role:

I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve been so grateful to Marvel and Sony for giving us the opportunity and keeping us on and allowing our characters to progress. It’s been amazing. And that’s why for me, I don’t want to say goodbye to Spider-Man — but I feel like we might be ready to say goodbye to Spider-Man.

While in the past, Holland has said he’d love to play the character forever, he’s recently been a bit more open to seeing someone else suit up in the role. He told People that the shift in his thinking is about giving other people a stab at the character:

I don’t want to be responsible for holding back the next young person that comes in who deserves it just as much so. I would love to see a future of Spider-Man that’s more diverse — maybe you have a Spider-Gwen or a Spider-Woman. We’ve had three Spider-Mans in a row; we’ve all been the same. It’d be nice to see something different.

Will Holland walk away from the character? Probably not if Sony producer Amy Pascal, who recently indicated that more Spidey collabs with Marvel Studios were on the way, has anything to say about it. Sony exec Tom Rothman tempered those expectations recently, but in reality it’s hard to foresee an immediate future where the two studios aren’t making more Spidey films and Holland isn’t back in the spandex.

Source: People

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