‘Hawkeye’ Directors on the Episode 5 Reveal and What to Expect from Kingpin

Hawkeye directors Bert and Bertie address last episode’s Kingpin reveal and what to expect from Episode 6

After briefly teasing him in Episode 3, directing duo Bert and Bertie brought Kingpin into the mix in last week’s episode of Hawkeye. The big boss made a brief appearance in the episode’s closing moments when it was revealed that Kate’s mom was acquainted with him (it was also revealed that she hired Yelena to kill Clint, which seems like something we all should have known by then).

Now that Kingpin, played once again by Vincent D’Onofrio, is actually in the picture, things look like they’ll get even more complicated for the Hawkeyes. Bert and Bertie talked to Insider about the reveal and what Kingpin’s presence means as the series prepares to wrap up in Episode 6.

The “how” of the reveal, the grainy still frame from a video sent to Kate by Yelena, was a major point of conversation following the episode. Bertie addressed the intro and its fulfillment of all the theories fans shared online leading up to it:

We kinda loved that it was this grainy, grainy impression of him and just confirms everyone’s suspicions because there have been lots of theories and that one’s been the outstanding theory about who this was. It’s Marvel. There’ve been different iterations of how Kingpin was revealed and this is the one that served the story, to hold him back to the very end of five.

Bert expounded on Bertie’s thoughts, saying, “There’s something about the simplicity of the simple tease,” said Bert about revealing the connection between Kingpin and Eleanor before cutting away at the end of Episode 5. “It was an interesting twist that she was there in the room with Kingpin,” she added, before teasing that the “possibilities are endless.”

Of course, now that Kingpin has finally been revealed, the big question is whether or not this character is the same one fans met on the the Netflix’s Daredevil. Turns out Marvel is in no hurry to answer that question for fans. When asked by Insider if Fisk was the same Fisk from Daredevil, Bertie replied, “Tune in on Wednesday for episode six.” And so we wait one more week.

Source: Insider

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