‘What If…?” Episode 4 Finally Reveals the Origins of the Alt Universe Gamora

Season 1 of What If…? introduced a Variant of Gamora who served among other heroes as one of Uatu’s Guardians of the Multiverse. Debuting in the Season 1 finale, “What If…The Watcher Broke His Oath.”, this Gamora seemed to have quite an interesting backstory as its revealed that she killed Thanos; however, that was about the only information revealed about the character before she went about the business of defeating Infinity Ultron. Unlike the other heroes, there was no Season 1 episode dedicated to Gamora’s story but that’s not because one didn’t exist in some form.

An episode about the hero which became known as the “Lost Gamora Episode” was written and was originally said to be included in Season 1. Writer AC Bradley confirmed the existence of the episode– which at some point must have been in the Season 1 lineup because a Lego set was created for it–and indicated that it would finally be released in Season 2…and now it has been. Episode 4, “What If…Iron Man Crashed into The Grandmaster?”, finally gives Gamora a proper introduction while following Tony Stark on an interesting adventure.

Set in the semi-immediate aftermath of The Battle of New York (time works real different on Sakaar), the events of theepisode veer from the Sacred Timeline when the Armored Avenger’s mad dash with the nuke as seen in The Avengers ends with him not making it back through the portal. Stark finds himself on Sakaar, face-to-face with The Grandmaster and ,as you might expect, things get weird. Riffing on scenes from both Iron Man and Thor: Ragnarok, the episode puts Stark in real jeopardy when Gamora, still the daughter and Hand of Thanos, comes for revenge on the man who foiled the Mad Titan’s plan.

Delayed in killing Stark by one of the Grandmaster’s obedience disks, Gamora ultimately sees the good in the hero and finds her way to redemption by helping him overthrow the wily Elder of the Universe. As the episode ends, Tony is seen helping Gamora put an end to Thanos using Topaz’s Melt Stick. Unfortunately, even with the full scope of Gamora’s heroic journey now having been laid bare, no further chapter in her story is told over the rest of Season 2. That definitely makes the decision to pull the episode from Season 1 a little stranger but the episode is fun enough on its own, especially with the wonderfully eccentric Jeff Goldblum back as the voice of The Grandmaster.

The first four episodes of What If…? Season 2 are now streaming on Disney Plus. A new episode will debut each day through December 30th.

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