Absent from November’s “Next on Disney Plus” Announcement, ‘WANDAVISION’ Seems Set for December

The first of the month has come and with it has come our first look at what to expect on Disney Plus in the month of November. Noticeably absent from the video was Marvel Studios WandaVision, a streaming series set to be Marvel Studios first shot at original MCU content for the service.

While Marvel Studios have yet to give an official announcement date, it now seems like WandaVision will stream at some point in December as the studio has indicated a 2020 release for the series. While evidence pointed to a Thanksgiving weekend streaming start for the series, it now seems highly unlikely we’ll be seeing WandaVision while we eat our turkey sandwiches. Though it’s possible that the series could still begin streaming in November, it seems more likely that with reshoots/pick-ups on the series just recently wrapping that the studio will take its time and, hopefully, give fans a holiday season surprise sometime in December.

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