Aegon’s Conquest Eyed as a New ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel

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It almost seems like HBO’s entire Game of Thrones story is to build a series around the Targaryen family line rather than the many houses that exist. While there were a wide variety of projects hinted at early on, there was a hint that they are potentially readjusting their focus after the success of House of the Dragon. A new report by Variety has revealed that HBO how hopes to go even further into the Targaryen past.

While the project is in its early stages with no writer attached, HBO seemingly wants to explore the story of Aegon the First. The story would revolve around his conquest of Westeros alongside his wives/sisters Viseny and Rhaenys. It seems they aren’t going to jump headfirst into another series but rather wants to take a different approach this time around.

They seemingly want to produce a feature film that would then set up a series, though nothing is set in stone. As they have no writer or director attached, who knows if this project will truly move forward but it’s no surprise they want to go 300 years into the past before the events of the original Game of Thrones, as even House of the Dragon continued to praise what the original Aegon has accomplished.

What truly stands out is HBO slowly trying to move into the theatrical market. There is an ever-growing market after the pandemic, and there is seemingly a hope to make good use of it. Game of Thrones is one of the biggest IPs that HBO has produced. So, who knows just how much potential a high-budget fantasy film would offer with the iconic dragons at war? If House of the Dragon is anything to go by, it’s no wonder they want to make use of it.

Source: Variety

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