Andy Muschetti Responds to Reports He’ll Direct DC Studios ‘The Brave and the Bold’

When it comes to rumors about talent signing on for superhero projects, fans are conditioned to read between the lines of the lies and denials that always follow when said talent is asked to address said rumors. The disingenuous disinformation and dissembling have, unfortunately, become part of an already aggravated culture around the genre that further complicates the navigation of an increasingly polluted pool of information. So conditioned are fans to this routine that when someone associated with a project, like Agatha: Coven of Chaos actress Patti Lupone willingly shares truthful information about a project, it becomes breaking news. And, on that note, The Flash director Andy Muschietti has created some breaking news.

Shortly after a new report backed up old rumors about Muschietti signing on to helm DC Studios’ undated The Brave and the Bold, Fandango’s Erik Davis asked the director if all the hubbub had any merit…and Muschietti did not lie. When asked by Davis if he would like to direct another project in James Gunn and Peter Safran‘s new DCU, Muschietti responded with uncommon honesty. “We would love to,” said Muschietti before adding, “We can’t speak about those things yet but it feels like a very exciting possibility.

One has to wonder if Muschietti’s response might offer a glimpse into a way of doing business that has long been modeled online by Gunn. Though Gunn isn’t quick to dish out spoilers, he’s quite consistently been honest and forthcoming and, when neither of those is possible for whatever reason, he typically notes that he can’t talk about the topic at the moment. In the cast of The Brave and the Bold, it’s a very real possibility that while Muschietti is in line to helm the project, he hasn’t closed a deal just yet. Even if he has, nobody could argue that stating he can’t talk about the project just yet is a worse choice than denying it outright only to be revealed as the director down the road. Let’s hope this newfangled trend of telling the truth catches on in superhero circles.

Source: Twitter

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