Andy Serkis Won’t Return to Direct ‘Venom 3’ Writer Kelly Marcel to Take Over

venom 3 director

Here’s a rather shocking surprise, it looks like Andy Serkis won’t be returning for the third installment of Sony’s Venom franchise. Instead, writer and producer of the first two entries, Kelly Marcel, is taking a jump into the director’s chair on Tom Hardy‘s third entry. She’ll also be producing the third entry while also having written the screenplay once again with some help from the series main star. Plot details remain under wraps and it’s unknown if anyone from the previous entries will also return.

There’s no word on why Serkis isn’t returning to helm the project, as he was quite gung-ho to take on the next entry, especially with many believing that the character would face off against Spider-Man finally. The only update on why Marcel is likely chosen to continue the franchise is due to how she and Hardy have been “on the same page” when it came to the franchise’s story, especially with this third entry potentially acting like its final entry.

It seems that perhaps throughout the writing process, they saw the potential of her taking over, especially with how much she knows about the franchise has been the only constant besides Hardy since its inception. Still, it’ll be interesting to see where Venom‘s third entry might go, especially with how a post-credit sequence set up the character’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, even if Sony’s storyline wraps up with a third entry, the character will likely make a return in a new form as well.

Source: Deadline

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