‘Ant-Man 3’ Writer Talks Scrapped Cronenberg Ant

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It’s not unusual that things end up getting scrapped along the way, but it seems Jeff Loveness had some wacky ideas for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Inan interview with /Film, he highlights that he had an idea to cram some creative ideas into the probability storm, such as Joe Montana, a former NFL quarterback due to Scott Lang being from san Francisco.

Yet, that isn’t the weirdest idea he had, as his Rick and Morty experience almost made its way into Quantumania, as he pitched a Cronenberg-inspired animatronic that was a man-sized ant that gave Lang a vision of some kind. The best part? he wanted Werner Herzog to voice the character.

Yeah, what comes to mind … I’m just thrilled I got MODOK and a guy with holes, and I got all that stuff in there. I had a character — [laughs to himself] — in that probability storm, there was going to be like this Cronenberg-style, Stan Winston animatronic, Ninja Turtle guy in a suit that was going to be a man-sized ant that was giving Scott a vision, almost like the goat in “The Witch” or something. I really wanted it to be voiced by Werner Herzog. I got a lot of s*** for my [Alejandro] Jodorowsky comparisons, but I wanted it to be almost like “Holy Mountain,” like, “Where the hell am I?” I was going to have this psychological trippy sequence with the Werner Herzog ant ushering him in, and clearly, that did not make it to the movie.

Jeff Loveness

He does say it didn’t make it into the film, but there are enough multiversal opportunities in the future to bring back the Herzog ant. It definitely sounds like a trippy idea and it may have added even more head-scratching elements to this film. Who knows what ideas he might have in store for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Perhaps he’ll finally get the chance to get Werner Herzog to voice or play a different character.

Source: /Film

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