‘Avatar 3’ Will See the Return of Payakan and His Nemesis from ‘The Way of Water’

avatar 3 payakan

Avatar: The Way of Water introduced the world to some amazing new characters that continue to expand the world of Pandora. Yet, with hints at the story of the third entry pushing the Sully family to further explore what else is out there, it seemed like perhaps we won’t spend too much time with some familiar characters especially those attached to the water in The Way of Water.

As it turns out, we’ll definitely see the return of two rather interesting characters. As pointed out by producer Jon Landau, the whale-like being known as Payakan will return, but “not just as a creature.” He goes on to highlight that they’ll “explore his relationship with Lo’ak.” So, it seems we’ll get to further explore his race and uncover something we may have not expected.

The biggest surprise however is that Scoresby (Brendan Cowell) is also set to make a return. It’s interesting how villains simply don’t just stay down in this franchise. The arch-nemesis of Payakan lost his arm in the finale and was sent flying. For now, there’s no word though if he survived or we might even see the same memory transplant into an Avatar.

Either way, it looks like the two will meet up once again for a fight that might see them fight each other in a new way. There’s definitely something interesting about how James Cameron tends to bring back characters from past iterations and continues to build them up. By the end of Avatar 5, we might have an army of former villains teaming up against the Sully family.

Source: Empire

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