‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Receives A CinemaScore

avatar 2 cinemascore

The ratings are in and it looks like the general audience have quite enjoyed their time with the latest Avatar entry, Avatar: The Way of Water. The official CinemaScore has arrived and it’s another A for James Cameron, the same rating the original had back in 2009. In retrospect that is actually quite surprising that it didn’t have an A+ at the time given just how incredible its legs are, but that might just be the Cameron effect.

The CinemaScore is mainly there to highlight how much general audiences are enjoying the latest film. 2022 has been quite rough and critical with many long-time franchises and films landing in the B to B+ territory throughout the year. Marvel Studios was sticking around the B+ score until the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with an A. Though, interestingly enough these films still had some crazy legs at the box office even with lower scores. 2022 generally has been struggling, as we’re still feeling the effects of the pandemic and a general exhaustion after being locked at home for multiple years.

Still, Avatar: The Way of Water is not set to break any domestic records but could make quite the pull internationally with it possibly passing $500M+ worldwide. If it plays like the last two films by the director, it would have a good chance to make it towards a $2B+ box office run, as it also has barely to no competition in the coming weeks. Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s December release was record-breaking last year and the spot might get more and more popular if it keeps up this trend.

Source: Twitter, CinemaScore

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