Ben Affleck Rumored to Be in the Mix to Helm DC Studios ‘The Brave and The Bold’

Once upon a time, Ben Affleck was set to direct a solo Batman project set in DC’s Snyderverse. That project never materialized, the Snyderverse is no more and DC films are entering a new era under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran. Affleck is set to appear as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Flash before hanging up the cowl, presumably for good, though Gunn has expressed an eagerness to work with Affleck as a director on projects set within the new DCU. A new rumor has surfaced that indicates while Affleck may be willing to step aside as Batman, he may have a hand in shaping the new vision for the character.

According to a rumor from Above the Line, Affleck may be Gunn and Safran’s choice to helm The Brave and The Bold, a Batman and Robin story that will introduce Bruce’s son, Damian, to the DCU. The Brave and The Bold was one of the projects revealed by Gunn to be a part of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, the first wave of projects in the new DCU.

Interestingly enough, though Gunn has actively called out false reports and rumors frequently over the years, he has not addressed Affleck’s involvement with the film despite otherwise addressing parts of the Above the Line report. This shouldn’t be taken as confirmation of the report, though it does at least allow for the conversation to continue on.

Source: Above the Line

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