‘Black Adam’ Producer Reflects on the DC Film’s 10-Year Journey

black adam

Black Adam has been one of those projects that seem like they would’ve never been released. For 10 years, the project has been in some form of development, and with it finally released later this month, it seems incredible that the project is still on its way to theaters. That feeling is the same for everyone involved as highlighted by producer Beau Flynn.

A lot of changes have [happened] but ultimately it does feel like we’re exactly in a place we need to be. This one called on all of our abilities and experiences over the last 20 years. The script as we know, it started out as a Shazam! / Black Adam launch for both characters. that was something we never fully got our arms around or could crack. Once they gave us the opportunity to make Black Adam on our own, we had a great time developing that script in a much different way.  Richard Brener, runs New Line and our executive, he has been consistently there all the way from the beginning of this to now still today, which is maybe the only person that was consistently there from top to bottom, him and Dave Neustadter. That did provide us a lane to be consistent with this movie regardless of all the other changes.

Beau Flynn

Dwayne Johnson also goes on to highlight that it was “fate” that the project happened ten years later, especially fitting given how Doctor Fate has a major role in the film and just how long Johnson has been campaigning to keep this project going.

I think that we have finally landed exactly where we need to be. I do believe, like Doctor Fate, Fate doesn’t make mistakes. Black Adam happened when it needed to happen, and it happened 10 years later.

Dwayne Johnson

It definitely seems like the wait was worth it and many fans hope that it might revitalize the DCEU, especially with the uncertainty surrounding what has been happening with Warner Bros. Discovery. Nothing is set in stone but any franchise would not waste any chance to have Dwayne Johnson as their franchise builder.

Source: ComicBook.com

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