‘Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler Also Working on Disney+’s ‘Ironheart’

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There are quite a few Disney+ series on our horizon, and among them is the newcomer Ironheart. It surprised many that the young hero was going to get her own series. During the Disney’s Investors Day in 2019, Dominique Thorne was already cast in the role and we would later found out we’ll meet her for the first time in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. So, it immediately built up a curious connection between the franchises, but it turns out there is one more connection.

During the Oscars, ExtraTV got a chance to interview Anthony Ramos, who just recently was announced as a new addition to the upcoming series with a potential larger role moving forward in the MCU. While talking about his upcoming Disney+ premiere, he also revealed that Ryan Coogler, the director of the Black Panther films, is involved with the project.

Yeah that’s what we hope for. I feel blessed. It’s an amazing project. Incredible people, Chinaka Hodge and Ryan Coogler, and just like a dope squad, Dominique Thorne and I feel blessed and grateful.

Anthony Ramos

It’s quite a curious reveal. While he is busy working on the upcoming Wakanda-focused Disney+ series as part of his new deal with the studio. Well, it looks like that he’s also adding his talent to the project to keep it consistent going from her first introduction into her solo adventure. We don’t know how she might play into that film, and how it might inspire her to also build her own Iron Man armor..

Source: Extra TV via The Direct

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