‘Black Widow’s Friday Domestic Box Office Soars to $40M, Currently Eyeing $89M+ Weekend

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We’ve all been keeping a close eye on Black Widow‘s Box Office performance. The industry has been slowly recovering but things weren’t always clear-cut moving forward. As future Marvel Studios’ entries aren’t announced with a Disney+ simultaneous release, its opening weekend could be the signifier if cinemas have recovered enough to focus on cinema-only releases for the rest of the year. Luckily, its Thursday screenings already had a record pandemic number with $13.1M. It broke F9‘s release even with the availability through Disney+’s Premiere Access that offers moviegoers to buy the film on their streaming service. It looks like it hasn’t lost any momentum, as it has now pulled in $39.5M on Friday.


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At its current rate, a minimum of $89 seems like a definite over the three-day weekend. Yet, if it keeps up the momentum it could potentially pass the $100M mark. It is their first release since 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. The first trailer for Black Widow was released around two years ago. So, it’s also being affected by how late Even at its lower prediction, the film will be the best domestic opener in the pandemic. Even better, this will be the first Box Office weekend to pass the $125M mark since the pandemic started.

Overall, the film is on par with some of Marvel Studios’ pre-pandemic releases and the only worry is that current predictions see a drop in its Saturday earnings. Keep in mind that the Friday earnings also include Thursday’s 13.1M. So, the film earned 23.3M on Friday alone. Tomorrow will be the big test for its chances at passing the $100M mark, but its release on Disney+ also adds some uncertainty. There’s a chance that Disney has also made considerable earnings in addition, which goes directly into their own pocket.


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As of now, its momentum is on par with Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming. Forbes’ Scott Mendelson points out that this opening is pretty on par with pre-pandemic expectations due to some key factors. The big question is how the film’s legs will be post its release weekend. Even if it has a middle-tier Marvel Studios opening, it could have the same legs as the previously mentioned film sand eye a potential $245M domestic run. It might even manage around $305M. The only uncertainty remains if the film will even get a Chinese release, which could boost its overall performance. For now, only time will tell and the rest of the weekend will determine where it ends up.

Source: Collider, Deadline, Forbes, Variety

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