BREAKING: ‘Nope’s Daniel Kaluuya Won’t Reprise ‘Black Panther’ Role in Upcoming Sequel

black panther daniel kaluuya

Here’s a surprise, but it looks like one mainstay of the Black Panther franchise won’t be making his return, as Daniel Kaluuya revealed in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes @THATJacqueline. She shared the news on Twitter as the NOPE star revealed he wasn’t able to reprise his role due to scheduling conflicts with his involvement with the latest Jordan Peele film. So, it seems we’ll sadly not get a sequence with W’Kabi, which is a shame given the relationship teased in the first film and the world views that would eventually break them apart.

We still don’t know exactly what to expect of the upcoming Black Panther sequel. A few promos have teased that we may be looking at war between Namor’s Atlantis and Wakanda. Just how they’ll tackle what happened to T’Challa is still a big question for everyone, but they have openly stated they won’t recast the character. W’Kabi missing is a shame given how close they were and it would’ve been great to see how much the passing of his former friend might affect him, especially after the last time they talked was on different sides.

Director Ryan Coogler is facing one of the biggest challenges anyone could tackle, especially with how close he was to Chadwick Boseman. Whatever decision he decided to take, it’ll likely be in tribute to his friend. We are still a few months away from it hitting theaters. So, the first trailer reveal will be the one to give us a better idea of how they’ll bring it all together while setting up Wakanda’s future.

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