Chadwick Boseman Will Not be Recast in ‘Black Panther 2’

We finally got an official word on what we can expect from Black Panther 2. Kevin Feige honored the late Chadwick Boseman by confirming that he will not be recast in the upcoming film. So, it looks like Shuri (Letitia Wright) might be taking over the role and continue the legacy of the Bast. Feige only confirmed that they want to continue the story of Wakanda, so anything is possible in whatever direction they go. It is likely that the film has been pushed back into their release pipeline, as they will be rewriting the script. Black Panther might’ve had a massive role moving forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so this is a great gesture by the company to honor his death and not just recast the character he certainly made his own. We will see what the future holds for Black Panther.

Source: Disney Investor Day 2020

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