Chloé Zhao Might Be Eyeing a ‘Star Wars’ Project After ‘Eternals’

chloe zhao star wars

All eyes are now on Eternals, which may reinvent the way we look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its future. Chloé Zhao lends her unique artistic approach to a story that looks at the past and future. It also raises the question of what project she might tackle afterward. After an Oscar-win with Nomadland and an entry in the biggest franchise in the world, it seems the world is now her oyster. Luckily, in the latest edition of Empire Magazine, she may have given us a hint that talks are already underway for her to visit a galaxy far far away.

In the latest issue, they take a closer look at the upcoming Eternals films. Al Horner got the chance to ask her a few questions, which led to her referencing the Star Wars franchise quite frequently. So, he took the natural next step and inquired if she might potentially be tackling a project within that galaxy. While technically denying her answer, she may have given away that something is happening behind the curtains.

Hmmmm. I have to tread very carefully with what I say here. [laughs] Yes. Let’s just say, it’s a world I have so much reverence for because it was such an important part of my life. [laugh]Chloé Zhao

Zhao‘s visual and directing style would add something special to the Lucasfilm franchise. Plus, Eternals is technically a space-based storyline. So, she already has some experience in that department. The only question is what type of story she might tackle. It would almost seem like the perfect chance to take a closer look at the time when the Jedi were at their peak. Of course, her perchance to explore the early days of a universe, she could also be the perfect candidate to uncover the origins of the Jedi Order and its counterpart, the Sith. Whatever she may end up tackling, here’s hoping her involvement is confirmed soon.

Source: Empire via Twitter

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