Chris Hemsworth Taking a Break from Thor and Acting

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Chris Hemsworth had quite a busy year ahead of him. Not only did he film the latest major addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder, but he also went on to face the biggest challenge of his life, death itself, in the Disney+ series Limitless. It seems that doing this project opened up his eyes to wanting to spend more time with his family, as highlighted in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Doing an episode on death and facing your own mortality made me go, ‘Oh God, I’m not ready to go yet.’ I want to sit and be in this space with a greater sense of stillness and gratitude. And then you start talking about kids and family and going, ‘Oh my God, they’re getting older, they’re growing up and I keep slapping another movie on top of another movie.’ Before you know it, they’re 18 and they’ve moved out of the house, and I missed the window

Of course, it doesn’t mean he is done with playing the role fo Thor or acting altogether, but it does seem that he simply wants to take some time with his family, especially after realizing he has a rare genetic inheritance that raises his risk of Alzheimer’s. Plus, with all the work he has done, there’s the fear of what he might miss out on.

It really triggered something in me to want to take some time off. And since we finished the show, I’ve been completing the things I was already contracted to do. Now when I finish this tour this week, I’m going home and I’m going to have a good chunk of time off and just simplify. Be with the kids, be with my wife.

It’s definitely important that the actor spends time with his family, especially with how busy his schedule has become since he joined the MCU. Just how long he’ll take a break remains to be seen, but it doesn’t seem like he’s truly done with the iconic role but rather wanted to refocus moving forward.

Source: Vanity Fair

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