Code Revealed Disney+ Adding Group Watch Function

Anyone else getting the feeling that people have been getting way too good at data mining lately? We have another victim of the Internet’s curiosity, as some new code was found on the Disney+ website. This news stems from the site Disney Plus Informer. The service may expand with a new feature called Group Watch. This function would allow you to send an invite to up to 7 accounts to join the watch party. There is a limitation to accounts within the same country though. Also, if the person doesn’t have an account, the feature would promote you to create one. All this was found within the site’s coding.


What makes this functionality stand out is that it allows people to interact while watching the film or TV series. So a chat and reaction function will be available. Naturally, you are limited to a specific screening so you can’t join multiple Group Watch rooms at the same time. Adding to that, the timing seems to suggest it will be launched alongside Premier Access for Mulan. However, you need to keep in mind that everyone has to have paid Premier Access to join that specific party. Otherwise, you will be locked out of the content.

There is one more detail that makes this project stand out. A while back, we potentially uncovered that they might be working on an adult-section in Disney+ for international markets. Star India was included in the Fox deal, so they would implement this branding to offer more adult content instead of rolling out Hulu in other markets. Now, one aspect that made this story stand out was that they would implement a PIN function to ensure child-safety when entering a Group Watch. If the app mainly focuses on child- and family-friendly content it would not be required. This might be more evidence that Disney will expand the app to offer more adult-themed content that would require its implementation. It will be interesting to keep an eye out for how this develops.

Source: Disney Plus Informer

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