Concept Art of Brett Goldstein as Hercules Officially Released

He’s here. He’s there. Herc is everywhere.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s post-credits cameos for Phase 4 haven’t been particularly exciting. The Blade voice cameo in Eternals was laughable while Charlize Theron‘s goofy random appearance as Clea at the end of Multiverse of Madness didn’t feel as impactful for the MCU’s future. Thor: Love and Thunder‘s stinger, however, breaks that mold as it introduced a major Marvel player in Hercules played by Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein.

Marvel Studios artist Andy Park revealed on Twitter today the look they had for Roy Kent on paper.

And like most Phase 4 costumes, this version of Hercules has a pitch-perfect accurate costume. From the headpiece down to the motifs, this rendering is a 1:1 recreation of the comic except with a real person’s face on it. Goldstein’s physique is understandably that of a normal man and not the hulking demi-god from the comics but nonetheless works. Hercules is a burly, hair, rugged man, and Goldstein pretty much fits the bill.

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