D23: Skydance Media’s WW2 Marvel Game May Be Single Player After All

black panther game

The first-ever Disney and Marvel Games Showcase has gone by in what seems like a flash with a few interesting reveals. Among them was the confirmation that Skydance Media is definitely working on a Captain America and Black Panther-focused game. Some became a bit curious about the mention of four heroes, as a soldier and member of the Dora Milaje are joining Captain America and that era’s Black Panther given its WW2 focus.

It made some think it might be a multiplayer game but the D23 expo continued with the developers offering some insight into he game and it turns out, it’s actual a “character-driven action adventure game” which opens up to this being a single-player game after all as shared by Andrew Reiner from the event. So we may actually switch between these four characters throughout the storyline to explore World War 2 from these different perspectives.

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