Dave Bautista Confirms ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ is His Last

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We’ve long heard hints that Dave Bautista is likely to move on from his role as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. He loved the role and working with director James Gunn, as well as the rest of the crew, but he wasn’t always happy about aspects of the process. Most notably, he wasn’t the biggest fan of the makeup process, but there were more hints than an official confirmation.

In a new interview with GQ, the Glass Onion actor got a chance to discuss his acting future, where he once and for all confirms that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is his final appearance as Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dave Bautista wants to move on from the more comedic role to embrace some more dramatic performances.

I’m so grateful for Drax. I love him. But there’s a relief [that it’s over]. It wasn’t all pleasant. It was hard playing that role. The makeup process was beating me down. And I just don’t know if I want Drax to be my legacy—it’s a silly performance, and I want to do more dramatic stuff.

Dave Bautista

He highlights that he’s quite interested to work more with Blade Runner 2049 and Dune director Denis Villeneuve. He’s set to return for the upcoming sequel of Dune and he’s proven to have quite a range as an actor with some of his past performances. It’s a shame we won’t get more of him in the iconic role of Drax moving forward, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 gives him a fitting send-off as it’s also Gunn‘s final installment in the franchise.

Source: GQ

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