‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ Film Looks Set to Obliterate the Foundations of the Marvel Universe

Director Shawn Levy has forged a fascinating relationship with Ryan Reynolds over the past few years. The two paired up for Disney and 20th Century Studios Free Guy in 2021 and then again in Netflix’s The Adam Project in early 2022. Now the duo is back together for Marvel Studios’ upcoming and still untitled Deadpool and Wolverine film, which is slated for a November 8, 2024 release. Production on that film is slated to kick off next year, meaning Levy and Reynolds still to spice it up and according to Levy, it already sounds pretty spicy.

In an interview with SYFY Wire, Levy talked about being the guy to finally bring Deadpool and Wolverine together on screen and the potential of the film.

I’ll just say that to be developing and prepping this movie that has this iconic duo together in an entire movie for the first time — a pairing between Hugh and Ryan, Wolverine and Deadpool. [It’s] very much a pairing that the world has waited for for over a decade, [and] I’m the lucky son of a bitch who gets to tell a story about that pair. The potential is so rich and every day that we work on the screenplay, there are ideas that we didn’t anticipate that appear because you’re talking about the ultimate Marvel icon and the ultimate Marvel iconoclast.

Shawn Levy

The Emmy-nominated Levy, who also has work to do on Season 5 of Stranger Things and has a Star Wars film coming up, is sharp and seems to choose his words carefully in interviews. In that sense, choosing to refer to Deadpool as an “iconoclast” should be of note. One popular theory about the third film in the Deadpool series is that it will see Wade and Logan traveling the Multiverse to “kill off” prior iterations of the Fantastic Four, X-Men and other characters from properties made under the Fox banner. If that is in fact the premise of the film, it would see Deadpool destroying the “iconography” of those non-Marvel Studios Marvel properties, putting him firmly in the category of “iconoclast.” So while superficially Levy may not have had much to say, reading between the lines a bit might give a little better impression of what to expect from the project..

Source: SYFY Wire

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