‘Destruction AllStars’ Delayed Until February as Free PlayStation Plus Release

We are only a few weeks away from the release of the next generation of consoles. I sadly did not get a chance to pre-order it, as they sold out quite quickly. Of course, a new generation of games also comes with a variety of new launch titles. PlayStation 5 has been garnering buzz for the games that will be available with launch, which includes Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon Souls. There is, however, one more major new launch title Destruction AllStars. It was a new entry into the popular Battle Royale genre. It would add the ability to switch between vehicles during combat to add a new spice to the genre. It was planned as a full release with the next-generation price increase.

In a sudden twist, PlayStation announced that the game will be postponed until February 2021. Not only that, as it will also be available for two months on PlayStation Plus for free. Their official blog points out that they plan to let as many people as possible to experience it. The game will strongly depend on online players, so this might be a hint that the initial sales were lower than expected. The game is a brand-new IP and comes at a high price, which may have deterred some from trying it out.

It is unsure if the game will be available for full-price after the two-month PS+ period ends. Of course, PlayStation confirmed that people will have their pre-order refunded. We will also get a new trailer next month to showcase what the game has to offer. It is just crazy to see a full retail game being pushed to PS+ on release for free. It must be a heavy blow, but these types of games also live off of microtransactions. Its delay does not bode well for the online game, but we will see in February how it performs.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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