Director Matt Shakman Updates ‘Fantastic Four’ Production Schedule

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The road to Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four draws closer to reality. In an interview with The Wrap, director Matt Shakman confirmed that production for the film adaptation of Marvel’s First Family is scheduled to begin in early 2024. This period would be a logical production window as the film is currently set to release on February 14, 2025. Though with release date delays that have become commonplace for Marvel Studios, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for audiences to expect the film to have at least one more delay in release.

Matt Shakman being hired to helm Fantastic Four comes after previously directing the entirety of the acclaimed WandaVision series for Disney+. His work on the inaugural Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming project got him hired to work on a Star Trek feature film sequel for Paramount. But the offer of the Fantastic Four forced him to relinquish his role on Star Trek. Shakman spoke about this decision and his motivations with Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four.

Movies have different journeys and momentums and schedules are a little bit mercurial, and so when the ‘Fantastic Four’ opportunity came up, it was just too hard to pass up, and to go back home to Marvel, a place that I worked on ‘WandaVision’ at, with those people who are wonderful collaborators. It’s really a family there and to be able to go back and tackle something that I truly love, and they’re very similar in some ways: they both were launched in the ’60s at the same time, they’re both about optimism and looking to the stars and technology can solve everything and they’re about family too — the family you have, the family you make. So they’re aligned in many ways and speak to my heart and equally, so I’m excited to be working on ‘Fantastic Four’.

Matt Shakman

This quote should pique the interest of fans of the Fantastic Four. Matt Shakman’s excitement about the themes of family and exploration is key to successfully adapting Marvel’s First Family. They’re also concepts that weren’t adeptly explored in the previous film adaptations of the team. If Shakman’s creative vision for the team can be capitalized on, fans should have a lot to be excited about in 2025 with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Then in terms of the 2024 production start, it should further confirm the notion that audiences won’t learn of an official cast till the second half of 2023. A big reveal at San Diego Comic-Con seems to be an ideal time for the pageantry of such an occasion.

Source: The Wrap

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