Disney Upfront Reveals First Look at Mobius’ New TVA Suit

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Disney just recently had its Upfront presentation, where it showcased to advertisers just how important it is to invest their money in Disney+. Their new ad-supported model is just picking up speed and it’s no wonder that they would try to push what the future has in store plus all the pre-existing franchises that pull in quite a number of viewership. At the after-party, it seems there are a few displays of iconic imagery from Star Wars and Marvel.

that isn’t all, as there’s also a showcase of Loki’s second season. We get a look at a black suit that has been teased for the God of Mischief. Not just that, but the standee is next to something that looks like a space-inspired suit from the TVA. The logo is on it, and there were some hints at this being something Morbius wears in the upcoming second season, but it’s interesting that they are including some spoilers from sequences we haven’t seen yet.

Looking closely at the picture next to Iron Man’s helmet, you can actually see that this suit is, in fact, for Morbius. It’s called a Temporal Core suit and may play into the time travel elements that continue to be a big part of this new multiversal storyline. With the confirmation of a release date during the Upfronts, we’re still waiting for an actual trailer. Of course, they may be trying to focus on Secret Invasions to avoid overlapping too many ads that create the “quantity over quality” belief of the web.

Source: Twitter

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