EA and Respawn Announce Three New Star Wars Games Are In Development

EA and Respawn have announced a trio of new video games for Star Wars fans to get excited about, including a fps.

After the success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, an action-adventure game following a Jedi after the events of Order 66, it looks like EA and LucasFilm are ready to expand their offerings at Respawn studios.

Today, EA has announced that Respawn Entertainment have three new Star Wars games that are in development. Jedi Fallen Order’s sequel was previously known to be one of these titles. We still have no title or firm release details, but it is rumored that the game may be coming later this year.

We also now know of a first person shooter. This game is being led by Peter Hirshman, who previously worked on titles like Titanfall 2, Lego Star Wars, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Lastly, it seems as though the third title will be a strategy game co-developed by Respawn and Bit Reactor, a studio founded by ex-Firaxis employees (Civilization, X-COM).

Star Wars gaming fans rejoice! It looks like after Battlefront II stopped receiving updates, we finally have a new Star Wars FPS to be excited about! More Star Wars games are always a treat, let’s hope we get some solid games out of the amazing team at Respawn.

Source: EA

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