Empire Shares More of Bill Sienkiewicz’s Moon Knight Designs Based on the Disney+ Series

moon knight

There’s a certain tradition when it comes to superhero cinema. As we near the official release, Empire tends to release a new cover that teases the project alongside a unique collector’s cover. Moon Knight naturally followed this tradition with a full look at his costume and an amazing design by Moon Knight veteran artist Bill Sienkiewicz. Now, Empire has released some of the artwork before he nailed the final look that was shared as the exclusive subscriber cover for the magazine.

The first two are certainly quite a bit different from the design he ended on, but it highlights just how much detail has gone into bringing the live-action version to life. Most superhero adaptations tend to add details to the character designs, which were commonly minimized for the purpose of making the life of an artist on a project easier.

It’s kind of a great design to see how well it translates to artwork even if it’s a bit of a departure from the character’s original design. We cannot wait to see what the character will look like in action, especially with the trailers teasing some great action and a suspenseful take on a self-discovery storyline for Steven Grant. No, wait I mean Marc Spector. Or was it something else? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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