‘Eternals’: Closer Look at Celestials Leaks Online

eternals celestials

Marvel Studios broke the silence on Shang-Chi recently with a brand new trailer. It has been the first trailer for a new film in the franchise since Black Widow’s last year. We haven’t seen anything from Eternals even though it was originally going to release at the end of last year. So, most of our knowledge about the film stems from various leaks, especially revolving around toys and artwork. Well, it seems that trend continues as another leak offers a closer look at some of the Celestials that will be showcased in the upcoming film through user @EternalsTalks.

In the comics, the Celestials are the beings that created the race of Eternals and that will carry over into the films. It is uncertain how large their role will be, but they will give us our first glimpse at the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We did meet the head of one in Guardians of the Galaxy. So, we might even get the story of how KNowhere ended up becoming what it is today.

Source: Twitter

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