‘Eternals’ Kumail Nanjiani Shares How Chloé Zhao Pitched Kingo’s ‘Finger Gun’ Powers

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Eternals stars Kumail Nanjiani and Salma Hayek appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night to promote the upcoming Marvel Studios film. During the show, we got to see a new scene from Eternals where Nanjiani’s Kingo fights a Deviant. When asked about what Kingo’s powers are, Nanjiani cheekily called them “finger guns.” As we saw in the teaser, he went on to say that it wasn’t just for show and offered some insight into how director Chloé Zhao pitched her vision of his powers.

I got to work and I said, ‘So, how do I shoot?’…Chloe was like, ‘Finger guns.’ I was like, ‘Chloe that’s so goofy.’ She’s like, ‘No! It’s gonna be finger guns…I promise it’ll look cool.’ And so I felt stupid for six months doing this [mimics finger guns] every day.

Kumail Nanjiana

He might have felt stupid while filming, but after watching the new clip of Kingo, Makkari, and Ikaris fighting a Deviant, he said, “It looks pretty cool!”. So, luckily it paid off doing the goofy finger guns for those six months of filming. The teaser also showcased Makkari’s speed while keeping humanity safe from this alien threat. Back in December, we got our first tease of their various abilities and it’s great to see them finally come to life. Going by the various trailers, all the Eternals base their energy from the same source, as we see all of them utilize golden energy that may be our first glimpse into cosmic energy.

Source: EW

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