‘Eternals’ Producer Talks Marvel Studios Approach to a Future ‘X-Men’ Film

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Eternals and Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore joined the Phase Zero podcast during a live stream to discuss the recently released film and MCU’s future. In it, he was asked quite a few questions about the future of Marvel Studios, especially with the properties like X-Men or Fantastic Four. especially the former was brought up due to Eternals diverse cast and if there were any thematic connections between these two properties. Moore had a rather interesting answer to the question and highlighted how the Eternals differ.

To me, our goal with the film wasn’t to make it a film about diversity in a way that I think X-Men has to be. X-Men is a super direct allegory in which these people are, are ostracized and, and persecuted for who they are. And that’s very much the story of X-Men that’s that’s in the DNA. What I find interesting about Eternals is the movie has zero commentary about that. The characters don’t talk about it.

Nate Moore

It’s an interesting discussion about the X-Men’s place in storytelling. Moore goes on to highlight that Eternals is “about faith and purpose” rather than its diversity. Yet, he also goes on to highlight that once they approach an adaptation of X-Men, they’ll have to discuss the topic regarding diversity.

This film is very much a conversation I would argue about faith and purpose and the value of humanity, but not in the context necessarily of the diversity conversation that we’re having in our everyday lives. I think if, and when we get to an X-Men movie, we’re going to have to have that conversation because that’s very much in the DNA of, of that thematically.

Nate Moore

So far, we still have no announcement of when we can expect the X-Men or any adaptation of these characters. the last time we heard anything about a potential reboot was back in March when Illuminerdi shared that they are slowly starting work on a project titled The Mutants rather than the iconic name we’ve come to love. Still, it may be a project name that pays tribute to what Stan Lee originally wanted to call the initial comics.

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