Evangeline Lilly Teases ‘Quantumania’s Dive into the Wider MCU

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Marvel Studios’ future entries will continue to expand the franchise in curious ways. Moon Knight and the rumored Werewolf by Night Disney+ projects may explore the supernatural corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Eternals expands the franchise’s entire fictional history. Still, some projects started to expand into the other parts of the franchise, such as Hulk’s role in Thor: Ragnarok or Captain America: Civil War including countless Avengers. Yet, other projects remained a bit more secluded like the Ant-Man and the Wasp franchise. Luckily, Evangeline Lilly teased that the upcoming sequel Quantumania will explore the wider MCU in a recent interview.

[…] Ant-Man, the brand always existed somewhat outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s mythology, you know, machine. So, we had a lot of freedom to come and go as we pleased. And like make stories that are standalone little pieces, sweet family pieces. Definitely, the breadth of this one is grander and I am excited about it.

Evangeline Lilly

Her hesitation while talking about the upcoming film’s grander scale is quite interesting. She certainly alludes to the fact that the next entry will work within the larger MCU mythology, which might mean there’s a lot we’re going to learn about the Quantum Realm. The inclusion of Jonathan Majors‘ Kang the Conquerer might’ve been our first tease that this won’t be a self-contained story. We’ve played around with the idea that it could potentially tie into the Young Avengers in some way, which would certainly also put our favorite heroes in unique roles.

Source: YouTube via Twitter

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